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  • Somehow your Antigroup group reminds me of Mycroft Holmes and the Diogenes Club, the club for people that don't like clubs.
    "it now contains the most unsociable and unclubbable men in town"

    Your idea made me smile.
    I'm skeptical about the new "Groups" feature seeing potential fragmentation. I hope that the activity in the main forum will not decline because of Groups.

    Will just wait what happens.
    Most of the groups thus far would have struggled to sustain a sticky thread without it being gone for inactivity. Don't think fragmentation is going to be much of an issue here, especially if things can be folded into the relevant forum sections as necessary.
    I just want to tell u please dont watch it.. it is not good for you.
    Even it just a cartoon.
    Please stop it dude..
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I don't know what i'm doing.
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