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    Gaming F.E.A.R. 2 Demo

    You can get it on the official website. Pretty good speed too. I was downloading it at 2 MB/sec.
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    Gaming F.E.A.R. 2 Demo

    I just played through the F.E.A.R. 2 Demo and I gotta say that they instantly made a buyer. I think horror in first person works the best since you can't know what is beside/behind you and sometimes, you even hesitate to turn around when you hear a noise. What I also really liked is how well the...
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    Homebrew PS0 emulation

    The only good thing about PS0 would be the fact that it's on a portable system. If you really don't plan getting a DS and you really want to play PSO I would suggest playing PSO Blue Burst on PC. I seriously see no point in playing a game that is already available on your platform in a superior...
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    Gaming Super Mario Advance 4 - Super Mario Bros. 3

    You don't need to patch the games with GBA ExpLoader V0.57 , it patches them as you load them for the first time. Try booting an original unpatched version of the rom. If you dont have V0.57 (the most recent version) you can get it here: ?GBA ExpLoader V0.57? The game works perfectly on mine...
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    Hacking More problems with a new EZ Flash 3 in 1

    That's kinda strange since, like you, I use a 3-in-1 with an R4 and it works perfectly. I hope it's not an hardware problem...
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    Help with 360 controller and project 64!

    It should since I just played with my 360 controller. Check if you have the lastest version(1.6) and don't forget to click on the drop down thing in the controller configuration menu and choose xbox 360 controller. If it's not there that means that you haven't installed the drivers(windows...
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    Hacking Can I use the EZ Flash as a stand alone GBA cratridge?

    If you flash a game to the NOR, your EZ-flash will become the game you flashed. Ex: You flash Golden Sun to the NOR then you can run it from a GBA or through the DS's slot-2 like a real GBA game.
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    Hacking Pokemon Shiny Gold on ez-flash 3-in-1

    NEVERMIND! I got it to work. I think it was because I was using version 1.1 of FIRE RED.
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    Hacking Pokemon Shiny Gold on ez-flash 3-in-1

    Hi! As the title says I am actually trying to get the Pokemon Shiny Gold hack to run on my 3-in-1. I know you guys will probably just tell me '' USE THE SEARCH FUNCTION'' but that's what I actually did and I actually found topics about this too but the thing is that I followed every steps...
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    Hacking *~Auto Injectuwad Injector~* -kept updated-

    Rocket Knight Adventures works when injected in Comix Zone(Genesis) Protip: when you choose a name for the channel don't write the title fully or else on your wii it will look like Rocket Knight Advent... So just name it Rocket Knight
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    Hacking Post your questions about which flashcart to buy

    Use? Everything you can actually do with a slot-1 flashcard Price Range? I don't care, I have thousands of dollars Slot 1/2? Slot-1 Built in or expandable memory? expandable(Microsd) Special features? The more the better Any flashcarts you are looking at in particular Nope Other? Like I wrote I...
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    Hacking Slot-2 Help

    Hey guys, I'd like to get some help about slot-2 flashcarts. Basically I would like an advice about wich one I should buy. What I would like to do with it is playing GBA games and using it to play homebrew such as Quake 2 DS and speeding up some like neoDS and SNEmulDS. I have a DS(DUH!) and an R4.
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    ROM Hack Metroid Prime Hunters 2 (MPH reskining maybe remodeling)

    So basically you want to upgrade the graphics if I understand? You don't seem to understand that the graphics are not better than what they are right now because otherwise the game would lag or something. Seriously, why would they make bad graphics if they could make good ones, think about it...
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    Homebrew Videos on Moonshell with BatchDPG Guide

    Help! I'm using the recommended settings and everything but the audio keeps doing a strange thing in the videos. It jumps a little every 5 or 10 secs and it's REALLY annoying and strangely, each time it jumps it sounds like it's playing on only one speaker for a milisecond.(It's not my DS or...
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    Homebrew Videos on Moonshell with BatchDPG Guide

    Could someone please tell me about the difference between the resizers? (Bicubic, Spline16, etc) I would like to know why they recommend using Spline16 and some more details...
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