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    PlayStation State of Play July 2021 livestream - roundup

    This State of Play was very underwhelming, but so was Nintendos Oled Switch announcement as well. I was somewhat hoping that they would announce the PS5/PC port of Bloodborne with 4K60 during this State of Play. As a day 1 PS5 owner the only game I pretty much has been playing on my PS5 since...
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    nVidia Shield TV & GeForce Now Witcher 3 RTX Mod

    Yeah I agree. I used to have a PC for watching media on tv but nothing really beats nVidia Shield TV when you install KODI on it, it changes hz/fps and resolution accordingly to the content you are watching and it handles any sound format if you have a receiver like I do also. When I used a...
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    nVidia Shield TV & GeForce Now Witcher 3 RTX Mod

    Another solution if you have AMD GPU is to use there is an app for nVidia Shield TV/Android and Windows. I'm currently using it with my nVidia Shield TV since I have AMD GPU as well. It works fairly well with games but you really notice the compression at times and it makes the...
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    nVidia Shield TV & GeForce Now Witcher 3 RTX Mod

    I have an nVidia Shield TV as well, the best way to stream games from your computer with it would be to follow these steps: The step with allowing to stream your whole desktop is...
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    Hacking PS4 5.05 Jailbreak ETA !

    This is just mere entertainment haha. People sitting and whining about 5.05 jailbreak. It's out when it's out, whining about it won't make it happen any faster, if you really are that desperate then learn to code and reverse-engineer yourselves. And games on PSN now are really dirtcheap so if...
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    The Switch banning situation

    This is the reason why my 2.2.0 Switch is still collecting dust. I won't be touching it till Atmosphere is out and in the meantime I can let all the early jumpers be guineapigs.
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    Hacking Would you like to see no piracy this time?

    When it comes to my Xbox One X and PS4 PRO I don't really care about pirating games for those consoles because most of the games usually goes on sale the very same year on respective stores and both consoles have great online services as well. When it comes to Nintendo consoles I do really love...
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    Hacking Paperclip RCM "jig"

    Just made myself a Paperclip RCM Jig, works wonders and much more accurate than using a wire, thanks for this.
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    Hacking 5.01 exploit PoC

    Pretty much sums it up. I don't think PS4 will get an established homebrew scene anytime soon either also and homebrew on consoles is most of the times just not worth it when you can just connect a PC or some other fully hacked console to your TV. The PS4 exclusives are quite cheap also when you...
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    Hacking 5.01 exploit PoC

    I have a PS4 PRO, sadly it's on 5.05 but I only use it for PS4 exclusive games as I also own a Xbox One X which has better hardware and most games perform and look better on the One X then the PS4 PRO. But as I only play exclusives on my PS4 PRO I don't fret much about not being able to play...
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    Gaming is Dead, and Here's Why is that you?
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    Gaming Pokemon X and Pokemon Y discussion/update thread

    Oh I see. So does anyone wanna trade all starters back and forth with me?
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    Gaming Pokemon X and Pokemon Y discussion/update thread

    Is there any way to get all the starter Pokémons or do I have to trade them all with someone?
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    Crazy FF7 people

    You can read more about the girl Sarah here
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    Hardware Ps3 to VGA moniter? Will it work?

    Won't work, get HDMI Fury.
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