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    New N64 Emulation Video Plugin GLideN64

    From the campaign description, it's not so much an update as an entirely new plugin, with the money supporting him spending the next several months working full-time to get it finished. Considering he says he's been working on it in his free time since 2013 it doesn't seem to be too much of a...
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    Does the list of features say online play?
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    Hardware Getting my RGH falcon repaired?

    Temps are normal for a falcon, around upper 50's like tbgtbg, so I'm pretty sure it does need to get reballed. Looked at Xecuter's forums and found a guy that should be able to do it. And I know not to do any ghetto reflows, tried that with a Xenon several years ago and it's still sitting in...
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    Hacking GW multirom demo

    Well a year IS 365 days. I'd still call the first 30 days or so relatively early.
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    Hardware Getting my RGH falcon repaired?

    So I was going to contact the guy who sold me the console about getting it repaired, but apparently xbox-scene went to shit so I have no way to talk to him now. The problem is my console would sometimes freeze ingame. Like the video would freeze and sometimes the audio/background music is...
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    Homebrew Homebrew Development

    looks like -lc is from libctr. If you look at your output the end of the second line is "-lctru -lc". How did you get bootloader.o working? I'm still having trouble with that.
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    Homebrew Homebrew Development

    I had that error too. The fix I did may be a little over-the-top, but it worked for me. Put the libctru folder in yeti3ds, same folder as the makefile. Then I went into makefile and edited the CTRULIB's value from"../libctru" to just "libctru". Don't really know what the ../ is for, but I was...
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    Homebrew Homebrew Development

    I've been getting that error too. I've been trying to mess around with the makefile to see if I could get it to work, but no luck. EDIT: just tried Abcdfv's suggestion, and it gets past that point, but then it can't find bootloader.o. I check the source folder, and saw it didn't have a...
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    Homebrew Homebrew Development

    Amazing that we have a playable game. I'm looking at your code and trying to learn from it, but I don't think I'm getting it to compile properly. When I run build.bat, I'm getting 'make is not recognized as an internal or external command'. Tried compiling it the usual way, with, but...
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    Hacking 3DS Bricked

    AFAIK gateway put the anti-clone code in 2.0b2. 2.0b1 (and whatever the equivilent r4i fw is) should be safe.
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    Hacking WARNING - Gateway team bricks card ON PURPOSE!

    Wow, at first I thought this was just mad clone users blaming Gateway, but I guess I owe them an apology. People are saying this is on 2.02b. Should I revert to an earlier one just to be safe? Right now my main concern is roms. I wouldn't wanna mess with emunand until a stable 2.0 is released.
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    Hacking GW Team warns against modified launchers

    pretty sure it's people NOT buying Gateway that causes this problem for them in the first place
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    Tempmas Week 4: The party ain't over!

    Happy new year everybody! One of my goals is to start working out regularly. Too often do I just stop after a few days.
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    Hacking 3DS Flashcarts - News, Updates, and Support Thread

    I'm very interested in this as well. I'm guessing a key combo, like most other flash carts.
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    Hacking What happened to Wii U Key?

    Yes, the dev team is shit for putting the ukey on hold to work on the device that has a far bigger user base and would be more worthwhile for their time.
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