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    Hacking How to turn your M3 Real or M3i Zero into R4i RTS

    R4i RTS firmware on M3i zero: Working fine on my m3i zero. Thanks a lot!
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    Hacking Do Korean Wii use a different console key

    Bad news for aes key. Thanks for confirmation, anyway. Two AES keys don't make any sense to me, too. I'll report again when the rumor is confirmed.
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    Hacking Do Korean Wii use a different console key

    I've tested some Korean ISOs with Trucha signer and wiitools, and all failed to decode. I also think that the Common Key of Kor Wii is changed, but there is a rumor that US game worked on a modded Korean wii. If a modded Korean wii can run game with other country code, it means the common key is...
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    Hacking JAP Wii users guide v2

    To run Toki Tori PAL on NTSC-J Wii: (Almost general patch method if freethewads failed.) Edit: 25/June What you will need: Generic Wii Patcher 1.1 wadpacker, wadunpacker (which is included in auto injectuwad v3) common-key.bin Getting started: -Unzip all the tools to a folder called wiivc on...
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    Hacking Request for Japanese VC game

    1. Wait until sombody upload the vc. 2. Or... Get US version of zelda 64 wad, injectuwad japanese version zelda n64 rom to the wad and freethewads it! (I've tested it on Jap version Wii.)
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    Hacking VC Region Free Converter freethewads

    For NTSC-U -> NTSC-J vc conversion, freethewads works very well!!
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