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    Homebrew Homebrew Development

    Thank you, yeah I think pp2d is too old and from what i saw in your homebrews, using Citro2d directly seems easy.
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    Homebrew Homebrew Development

    Thank you! I'll give a try this afternoon.
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    Homebrew Homebrew Development

    Hi there, can someone explain me how to use pictures with Citro2D (Citro3D?), as I don't understand the devkitpro's "gpusprites" example (they use a lot of sprites here, and from what I have understood, it all goes into 1 big t3x spritesheet ?) Thanks to anyone who can point me the way to use...
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    Homebrew Homebrew Development

    Hi, is there a way to get a sound (recorded from mic but it doesn't matter) frequency?
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    Homebrew [33c3] Console Hacking 2016 (3DS/WiiU) talk Dec 27-30: smea, derrek, nedwill, naehrwert

    we need that thread where all important things are explained like the Clarification thread last year ^^
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    Homebrew [Problem] Wiht extract romsFS Braindump

    You need to extract the romfs from the cxi file. it has already been answered a lot of time btw
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    Homebrew [Release] BallEsca

    Hello, today I release BallEsca, another simple 2D game. Presentation In BallEsca, you control a ball on the touch screen, in order to avoid "ennemies" balls that randomly spawn and cross the screen. It is inspired from NSMBDS "Danger Bob-omb, danger!" minigame. Note: For some reasons, text...
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    Homebrew didnt quite understand

    Update your sysnand to 11.1 since you have a9lh
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    Homebrew Homebrew Development

    There are not thumbs.db file on m'y computer. Looks like problem was from makefile but it's strange since sometimes it build without errors... Thank you anyway (:
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    Homebrew Homebrew Development

    Nope, windows 8.1 and windows 7
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    Homebrew Homebrew Development

    Hello when I compile any sfillib homebrew (like the sample...) compiler give me this error: C:\Users\user\Documents\Dev\3ds\projets\test>make make[1]: *** No rule to make target `Thumbs.db.o', needed by `/c/Users/user/Doc uments/Dev/3ds/projets/test/test.elf'. Stop. make: *** [build] Error 2...
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    Homebrew question about homebrew deving

    Hello, this may help you ^^
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    Homebrew Is there a app to send messages to friends?

    There were Pictochat3D but it has been discontinued afaik
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    Homebrew [Release] BubblePop

    Ahah didn't notice that xD
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    Homebrew [Release] BubblePop

    Yes, I also did some code cleanup and now it works, thanks!
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