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    GBAtemp 2021 Giveaway Raffle - winners announced!

    4:30 A.M. Well no live viewing for me....
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    GBAtemp Exclusive GBAtemp Switch OLED and retro handheld giveaway raffle - comment here to enter!

    A giveaway? Count me in, though I've never won anything in giveaways... But I'll try it anyways
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    Comment by 'Crazy-S' in 'Say stuff about me that you think is true'

    You're breathing oxygen while you're reading this.
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    Homebrew RELEASE MM-LINX - Super Mario Maker 2 Level Injector

    Why on earth is the A button ERASE?!!! Wanted to upload a Level I worked on for two hours and now it's gone!!!! THIS HAS TO BE CHANGED or add a do you really want to erase menu popup thingy.
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    Gaming Is there a game that lets you destroy anything? (like with bombs and physics)

    On July 2nd Red Faction Guerilla Re-Marstered will arrive on Switch. I remember that this game had (the time it was released originally) the best Physics based destruction. Physiscs was this Games USP.
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    Yes this would be a definitive WIN for Nintendo

    Yes this would be a definitive WIN for Nintendo
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    Greetings from Venezuela!

    Hi, and welcome to GBAtemp!
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    GBAtemp Exclusive [Winners] GBAtempTV Twitch Giveaway - Enter to win a free Nintendo Switch game of your choice!

    Followed and Subscribed you! Twitch Username: DasButterschnitzel ✌
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    GBAtemp Exclusive GBAtemp SX PRO Give-away WINNERS ANNOUNCED

    Yarrharr blimey! Avast and send me that booty A mysterious device to hornswaggle the legendary white and red Nintendonians. So make sure ya let me win you dirty landlubbers. And do it smartly. Aye ya Captain Klaus *totallynotusingthisforpiracy* Störtebeker
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    Hacking Question Anyone played online with SX OS yet?

    Has anyone considered, that TX has maybe implementet a "safety" feature that prevents loaded Games to communicate with Nintys Online Gaming servers?
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    Homebrew WIP [Release Boginstaller] [BETA]

    Yarr... matey!
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    Hacking New firmware coming out soon... with Youtube, Netflix support

    Well where is your update now?!
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    Hacking WAIN Card Dumper NX

    So what about using a different cert for a BBB Release? Lets say If I dump a unused newly bought Gamecart (Let's say Skyrim), which will never be used outside the dumper, and I reinsert the cert of that dump into a BBB release. Would the Big N notice? This would be super impractical but still...
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    Where did you preorder SX OS / Pro from?

    Pre-ordered SX Pro at Right now they're giving away some goodies if you pre-order it there.
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