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    Niantic Project

    As the operator of the above wiki and 'temper from the days of yore, I approve of this message.
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    I hate furries

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    Brilliant Blue!

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    I really like anime.

    Stop being so gay.
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    ctrl + v

    “This is a private video…”
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    Need a medical Diagnosis

    Looks like AIDS to me.
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    Comment by 'chuckstudios' in 'Need a medical Diagnosis'

    Looks like AIDS to me.
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    Hacking How do u use arm7?

    This should help:
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    You have been blocked from this post.

    Even though you meant it as a joke, I really do agree with you. That shit has got to stop.
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    Hacking Convert GBA to NDS?

    Author of NDStation here.It does work, with an EZFlash 3in1 in Slot 2I don't recommend using it anymore, as it is outdatedYou clearly didn't research enough:
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    Gaming Bob's New Stand

    Damn, already? Anyway, LINK REMOVED BY REQUEST
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    Gaming Bob's New Stand

    Works fine with VLC and WMP w/ CCCP. Learn to use codecs or shut up.
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    Gaming Bob's New Stand

    Shoop this.
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    Gaming Bob's New Stand Not even on the site yet. Ninja'd! Edit: Dammit he took it down, and said not to distribute it... Edit 2: Screenshot proof time:
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