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    Yay. I am gonna download this.Its 1st and 2nd series were great.
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    wow..fuck. Developers actually spend time on this shitty release. Lets kill Micheal Hoffmann.
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    DS #0220: Soreike! Anpanman (J)

    Wow. This game sure brings back memories. Watched the show when I was 7 or 8.
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    To think Konami would release crappy games.
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    DS #0217: Simple DS Series - Volume 1 (J)

    Uhh...Majong... It isnt simple as it implys. 'Simple DS Series'
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    DS #0218: Bubble Bobble Revolution (E)

    Quite right. Since the time of arcade Bubble Bobble it seems that they have gotten em' selves break and it ended up like that.
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    Whats up with their hair... Winx lookalike..rainbow parade?
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    Just nice.I got losta free time on my hands. Power Shot!
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    Misc Post Your MarioKartDS Friend Codes!!!

    Woot,it just makes me excited by just watching the video.Too bad I don't live in Europe and I ain't got the buck to buy DS.
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    Big N want to entertain kids and earn bucks so expect that to be in english soon.
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    DS #0173: The Chronicles of Narnia (U)

    Just where did the polar bear come from...
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    I just can't get enough of Pokemon.
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    Hmm I can't see the Title shot and action shot... King kong Pawnz
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    DS #0169: Shamu's Deep Sea Adventures (U)

    Yeah damn right NDS and Genesis
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    DS #0169: Shamu's Deep Sea Adventures (U)

    I just love killer whales
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