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    Hacking New users guide to setting up Wood R4

    I keep getting the "? Menu" on the top screen....using a DSi & R4i card....any suggestions?
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    Gaming List Of Games That Don't Work With 1.51

    Actually, 1.51 fixes the 3rd partition issue so MLB2k9 & HAWX DO WORK.
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    Gaming ixtreme 1.5

    Oh, and you might want 1.51....not 1.5
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    Gaming IXtreme 1.51 out for ALL drives!

    Playing MLB2k9 without any issues! Thx Team Jungle!
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    Gaming Flashing Services

    I agree 100%
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    Wii #0788 - Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 (USA)

    I'm just praying that EA didn't strip off most of the features of the other consoles.
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    Wii #0779 - Madden 09 All Play (USA)

    I was not comparing the graphics to the 360 or PS3, but if you do play those versions and compare them to this one....Wii loses
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    Wii #0779 - Madden 09 All Play (USA)

    If you look at the Wii version compared to the 360 or PS3, this is the worst one of the 3. Looks like PS2 graphics to me. this one for free, but sadly I'll have to go buy a real copy for a REAL console.
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    Wii #0699 - LEGO Indiana Jones (USA)

    So far I love this game, if you liked Lego Star Wars, you'll like this one.
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    Wii #0654 - Target Terror (USA)

    Yea, this one is taking it back to the Sega CD days for sure.....
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    Wii #0635 - Mario Kart (Europe)

    Loser.....I'll bet ur always the 80th person to ask "Does this work on PAL?" on all NTSC releases.....
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    Wii #0592 - Super Smash Bros Brawl (USA)

    Just so you guys know, Wiikey Version 1.9s is out
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    Wii #0471 - Showtime Boxing (USA)

    Worst game i have played so far.....give me Rocky for Sega Master system over this anyday. I'm sorry I had to subject a pefectly fine blank DVD to the garbage that was burned onto it. It does not even deserve to be a coaster.
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    Wii #0488 - Myth Makers: Orbs Of Doom (USA)

    great another POS game....
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