Ugh, College is boring me..... Nov 30, 2017

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Feb 12, 2018
Dec 12, 2016
    1. Cammykins
      Ugh, College is boring me.....
    2. Cammykins
      so i found a dark theme for GBATemp v6 while browsing stylish, have to say, v6 suits dark way better than light
    3. Cammykins
      They are rage, brutal, without mercy. But You. You will be worse. Rip and tear, until it is done.
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    May 1, 1999 (Age: 18)
    Home Page:
    Fleet, GB
    Tnkererererer | IT at Impact Express Wholesale
    I tinker, I break, Simple.
    In fact, that's how most my tech dies :3

    So Far i have Broken:
    • My Oppo Find 7's NV partition
    • My Oneplus One's Power Button
    • The Screens on my Galaxy S4 Mini and Ace
    • My Black DSi XL during Homebrewwing and stuff
    • My Black and Blue 2DS Suffered an Irrecoverable Brick when Downgrading so...
    • My HTC Wildfire Vanished into Thin Air, Like it was on my desk and i came home and it literally vanished. I still have no idea where it is to this day in fact.
    • And My DS Lite Just kicked The Bucket on me :/​

    The list Of Tech That Still Works yay:
    • Le Huawei P9
    • Le Hesh 2 Wireless Headphones
    • Le HP Pavilion 15 Laptop on Win 7 Pro w/ SP1
    • Le Amazon Echo Dot
    • Le 2002 Xbox Original
    • Le Forza 6 Xbox One
    • Le Old 3DS XL On Luma 11.3.0-36E
    • Le New 3DS XL Fire Emblem Fates Ed. on Luma 11.3.0-36E
    • Le 2005 Dell Dimension 5150
    • Le Moto 360 Gen 1
    • Le Find 7 Still Works as a glorified music player with a QHD Screen so thats nice i guess.
    • Le OPO would be working but that requires either re-soldering a new power button or replacing the logic board so yea fuck that


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