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    The United States of America
    Student, Programmer, Graphic Designer
    United States
    I am a video game programmer/designer and Christian known on older forums (DSGM) and sites as Commodore, and on really old accounts (Lego), TexasBatman.
    Currently attending college in Florida for a Major in Computer Science, with some classes in Graphic Design. Quite a ways from my home! God's definitely been working on me here.
    In my spare time I am working on developing a new game, and I might have a small team together to help with it over the summer. I hope it works out, we've got some cool ideas.
    Other things I enjoy are reading, playing video games, drawing, and writing up cool stories for my various projects. Looking at you, Shadowbolt! As for the video games I typically enjoy the classics, with a special spot for my pal Mega Man. Favorites being MM2 for the NES, and MMIV and MMV for the Game Boy. Those GB titles have saved many a boring car/bus ride! I still like modern games as well, like Overwatch and Shovel Knight, of course. I grew up in the PS1/GCN era, after all. Still remember playing my original DSlite, those were the days. I've definitely toned down my homebrew and hacking over the past few years haha.
    In the future I wish to have my own company for producing games and stuff, but until then I'm getting my degree and then a job. And as much as I'd love to find a wife, I'm still waiting for God to lead me to the right one, so we'll see how plans change.
    "Have not I commanded thee?
    Be strong and of a good courage;
    be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed:
    for the LORD thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest." - Joshua 1:9 KJV, my life verse.


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    You may address me as BLsquared, Commodore, or TexasBatman. Preferably BLsquared.
    "In war, there is indeed no substitute for victory." -Douglas MacArthur
    "Every puzzle has an answer." -Professor Layton.
    "Love and Peace!" - Vash the Stampede
    "It's High Noon!" - McCree