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    More Velkhana locations?

    So, I’ve already beaten the first Velkhana in the Elder’s Trial. I want to forge armor and weapons with it’s parts, but I am unable to because I’m stuck at 10/12 points for it. Where else can I fight it to grind materials? I’ve searched Google for a few hours with no luck. The only related...
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    Hacking [MHGen] Item Box Full List

    Does anyone have the full list for Monster Hunter Generations for the 3DS? This is my item list so far, but currently, the 14 boxes are not full. If anyone could help with this, I would appreciate it. It would be nice to have all items in my hands at one go instead of manually adding one by...
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    Luma3DS menu fails in some games

    So recently, I've downloaded some updates for some software in Universal Updater, and I noticed that Luma3DS doesn't work correctly in some games like Monster Hunter Stories. Whenever I launch the menu, the menu shows up for a frame and then goes away, but the game is still "frozen" and acts...
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    ROM Hack Attempting to make my own cheats

    So, I've been following this video () to use the search function to seek values that change between two submarines. I'm trying to search between the amount of torpedoes they have. Submarine 1: Submarine 2: I'm currently working on searching for the differences of torpedo values. I've been...
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    Happy birthday lone_wolf323!!

    Happy birthday man! I hope you get good presents and have an awesome day with family and friends! I wish you well my fellow furry, have a claw some day! You’ve been an awesome and supportive friend to me and my members, you’ve had an impact on all of us and we really enjoy having you here and...
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    Only Error Wolf in existence

    Only Error Wolf in existence
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    Hardware 3DS Capture Cards Resurface

    If they were asking that much for that 3DS, you might as well buy an XBox Series X and a PS5 for about $1200 Not freaking 3 grand, you kidding me
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    Hardware 3DS Capture Cards Resurface

    Seems like a complete ripoff to me
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    Hardware 3DS System Format

    Soon, after my 3DS gets repaired (it's about to completely break externally), I am planning to format my 3DS for a fresh start. Currently, it is HACKED so I plan to back up the entire SD card, un-hack, format, then hack again and restore everything. I do have a few questions.. Can I restore...
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    ROM Hack Fix homebrew launching

    Last night, I was playing steel diver sub wars normally. But when I go to play this morning, when I load the NTR plugin it gave me an exception error. It was odd because this doesn't happen normally. But then I noticed when I tried running it without the plugin, it launches the homebrew launcher...
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    ROM Hack Attempting at making cheats

    In the game, decals are "stickers" (or something, idk) that has abilities to increase abilities for the selected submarine. For each decal, you need a certain amount of duplicates if that decal for it to activate. For example, the Mario (classic Nintendo...) decal requires 10 of them and if you...
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    ROM Hack Attempting at making cheats

    So for steel diver, I'm trying to make a cheat where I can change the value of decals for the submarine. (You need a certain number of decals for each decal for it to activate, I'm trying to max these out) I'm trying to follow tutorials (like ) but I have no idea of what I am trying to search...
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    Hai dere!! :3

    Hello everyone, I haven't made any intros here so today is the day I do so. My name is Wolfyn Claw, I am 18 years old and I am a furry and proud of it. I am a nerd and a gamer, so it is glad to meet you all :3 I am a Wolf and Protogen, as you can tell from my art :> Consoles I own...
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    ROM Hack Steel Diver Plugin

    Ooh thanks I'll try this Is that a valid website? I can't access this
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