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    GBAtemp Skin Contest Voting

    I think it might just be me but i found Kass's banner better then the other skins proposed even if he only made a banner.
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    1783 - Yu-Yu-Hakusho Tournament Tactics (U)

    :hmm: Im a big Tactics fan i try to play them on any console but this game was really... Lame there is nothing fun about it its such a simple Tactics game that anyone could play but i got bored after the training. This games (Tactics) part was very lame. Its the first tactics game I ever called...
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    New: 1128 - Duel Masters (J)

    Well most games like pokemon where made after the creation of magic the gathering so its more of a mix of MTG and YUGIOH
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    New: 1128 - Duel Masters (J)

    Whats DT Lords of Genoms ? Is it any good?
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    New: 1128 - Duel Masters (J)

    Well this game is a rip off of M.T.G and some kind of mix with the stupid Y.G.O game. In other words this a mix between those games that should have not even ben made in the first place.Im quite disapointed that Wizards of the coast even put this as a gba game.The evidence that its a rip off is...
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    New: 1128 - Duel Masters (J)

    Wizards Of The Coast eh? May it well be a immitation of Magic The Gathering if so COOL!!! if not Ill still try it
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