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    Hacking Mail box bomb

    You can download that already built here: It's been there for over 2 years (first commit: May 16, 2009). xD I'm not gonna try and bullshit anyone by saying I made some grand project though. It's even under the WTFPL...
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    Hacking NMM new tool by crediar being released on 1st July

    Screw it. Nachtmystium Meshuggah Merzbow. That's it.
  3. Arm the Homeless

    Hacking cIOSX rev21d2x: Yet Another Hot Fix!!!!

    I didn't mean the genitalia stroking thing like that. What I meant is that you (and this is going to come out wrong, too) act like ModMii is the alpha and the omega. I mean, I'm sure it's a very useful tool. I just can't personally attest to that since, well, the whole Linux thing I mentioned...
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    Hacking cIOSX rev21d2x: Yet Another Hot Fix!!!!

    Hence why I asked the question about ModMii being a batch script. I don't mean to start anything, but it seems like at least every other post by you is genitalia stroking about ModMii which, as I'm assuming it's just a batch script packaged with a few GNU executables, seems a bit silly to me...
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    Hacking cIOSX rev21d2x: Yet Another Hot Fix!!!!

    I lol'd. And isn't ModMii just a batch script converted to exe?
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    Hacking How to install dvdx on wii?

    In case you haven't yet noticed, this thread has been bumped from 2008. It WAS entirely true back then.
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    Hacking Usb Gecko ComeBack!!!!

    It's a hypothetical question. And we do have much more than those three, by the way.
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    Hacking Usb Gecko ComeBack!!!!

    I really hate that when people have the equipment to do something they think that they have the ability to do it. You have a computer, so why haven't you written an entire operating system yet?
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    Hacking Bootit

    Nice job bumping the ~2 year old thread.
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    Hacking SneekyCompiler

    He's (tueidj) not an idiot, and he knows more about the scene and programming than you'll ever know. It's best not to argue with him.
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    Hacking ext2/ext3/ext4 in USBLoader?

    Allow me to once again reiterate that we don't need ext3/ext4 for this. There's no need for journaling when you're using it to boot "backups".
  12. Arm the Homeless

    Hacking Any USB Loader using IOS58

    Nope. I'm pretty sure that version still requires a cIOS. After all, a cIOS IS in the requirements to run the app.
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    Hacking Backup Loader without channel.

    Wow. That's actually a lot better than using Bannerbomb or something every time. I feel ashamed I didn't think of that. That's actually pretty devious.
  14. Arm the Homeless

    Hacking Any USB Loader using IOS58

    Though if you have good enough Google-Fu, you can still find it on another forum.
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    Hacking Feeling a little lost... Can't install PriiLoader

    You don't need the trucha bug.
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