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    Hacking How do I install BigBlueMenu to Sysnand?

    Just did it today, DO NOT format emuNAND(and not have emuNAND partition on SD). This will make you boot gateway in sysNAND. open devmenu.3ds and import cia. turn off your ds and see the app in sysNAND. Problems: You can't open the app without gateway mode opening the app in gw then press home...
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    Hacking Gateway v2.0 Part 2: NAND Emulation

    I use 4.2 and never updated, is this is good as supported?
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    Hacking [fake] TZ3DS - First 3Ds Flashcard with gba, dsi & ds emulator

    N64? Maybe if we plug it with some big device, but still won't be possible seems too good to be true... but i do want one
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    Hardware Anyone bored of their 3DS?

    Got bored, bought ak2i(I only had ak2) then I play again
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    Misc Swapnote Friendcodes Thread

    Is there a limit to the number of friends you can have? mine is 2707-1817-4038 PM if added thanks
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    3DS will use universal friend code.

    Ahhh finally, there could be possible apps for online chat as it will be hell easier
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    DS #5385: Plants vs. Zombies (USA)

    Given the time, it should be atleast be like the iphone I'm willing to play this even if it was meant for windows 98, so stop being an idiot
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    DS #5385: Plants vs. Zombies (USA)

    I was expecting an iphone-like graphics, it looks ugly I'll just have to see the exclusive content, including versus mode
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    Hardware Whats your internet speed?

    Yeah, such a bad connection... It's all over this country
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    DS #XXXX: PokÃmon Distribution Cart 2011 (USA)

    Well NFO says it's shiny, something is wrong Movie 13 Celebi isn't pink
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    DS #XXXX: PokÃmon Distribution Cart 2011 (USA)

    Got the 3 hamsters, but the celebi isn't shining
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    DS #5257: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors (USA)

    Is 6th the easiest? Got it first.. I enjoy the problems except math ones
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    DS #5267: Golden Sun: Dark Dawn (USA)

    Very early! Will find it
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    ROM Hack Official AP Patch For Pokemon Black and White

    Finally my pokemon gains EXP!
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    AKAIO v1.7.1

    I'm talking about DS phat here and it starts as soon as I load AKAIO, not a game
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