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    GBAtemp Exclusive GBAtempTV Twitch offline - Sonic Mania & Give-Away

    Star Light Zone, from Sonic 1. Oh, that music is great!
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    Tutorial MACycle - The Improved MAC Changer for HomePass!

    Is this method working on Windows 10?
  3. Akotan

    Tutorial [HOW-TO] Have a homemade Streetpass Relay

    Can someone say if this setup works: using the easier Linux method (the first method right now) on a Linux machine (Ubuntu system), with no wifi card inside, and the USB Wifi Tethering from an Android phone? It's an old machine, I know... But the Windows methods aren't working for me and I'm not...
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    Tutorial [HOW-TO] Have a homemade Streetpass Relay

    I had no luck with it... :( The script seems to work and all (it creates another wireless connection and it starts rotating the addresses) but the New 3DS shows no green light
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    Let me introduce you a new puzzle game called Fruits'n'Tails ( It has a new game concept and it's pretty fun and challenging to play. There's a free version for everyone to try. If you like it, leave your comment here or in the digital store you downloaded it. Here's a...
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    Gaming Pokemon X and Pokemon Y discussion/update thread

    Well, I said I didn't want to buy these new Pokémon games but, guess what, I caught the PokéTrain too. I bought Pokémon X and it's a good Pokémon game (yeah, you know it). And... Did someone see there's plenty of Pikachus out there? This game is crazy!
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    Click in the Information tab to see my game list!

    Click in the Information tab to see my game list!
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    Tutorial [Script][Android] Streetpass Automation Script for Android

    I searched my Nexus device for an MAC config file and I didn't find anything... so I'm stuck with a busybox method like Riilay. For someone who never streetpassed, 6 ones are good enough. XD
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    Tutorial [HOW-TO] Have a homemade Streetpass Relay

    I posted what I did here: But it is working like this: Riilay uses busybox to change MAC addresses but no matter how long I wait my 3DS gets just one Streetpass. I checked if...
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    Tutorial [Android] StreetPass Riilay: The HomePass method on your phone

    It worked for me. I rooted my GNexus using this app: It installs everything you need except Riilay. But now I'm wondering how many Streetpasses this method allows 3DS to do per turn? One for MAC address, one every 8 hours... I got only one Streetpass by now. edit: I...
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    Tutorial [HOW-TO] Have a homemade Streetpass Relay

    Finally I got homemade Streetpasses using a rooted Android phone and Riilay app! Nice! :D I have a Galaxy Nexus running JB 4.3.
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    Tutorial [HOW-TO] Have a homemade Streetpass Relay

    I decided to use my Win7 laptop now. I guess I set it up just fine: 3DS can connect the internet through the Virtual Router Manager and everything, I can see it connecting and disconnecting from internet without any error messages and I used the main MAC address for my previous Wireless...
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    Tutorial [HOW-TO] Have a homemade Streetpass Relay

    I tried using my Nintendo USB Wifi Connector for the second time yesterday. The first try was a mess and I couldn't even turn the Soft AP on. So I uninstalled everything and put the idea of homemade Streetpasses aside. Yesterday, I changed my Internet provider and tried to set everything up...
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    When Are You "Too Old" For Something?

    Well, if someone consider himself/herself too old for something, he/she should lay down and cover himself/herself with a grass blanket. I always try to not behave like that, being all grown up and stuff. I believe I have so much to learn yet... And I feel really bothered around people behaving...
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