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    Microsoft reveals the next-gen Xbox console name as the "Series X"

    I think it doesn't matter what it will be called, what it will look like, or how much performance it will have and games that will be available, everyone will dump on it anyway.
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    Teens promise to fix "climate change" with great idea

    If you are talking about post #93, I stand by my statement that you are just bleating on here without providing any evidence. Nothing you have stated has any merit Please listen to Dr. Timothy Ball or read his book
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    Teens promise to fix "climate change" with great idea

    You have provided nothing to prove your 'fact'. I have given several links and videos to scientists saying the exact opposite of your statement, they provide tons of evidence and explain it very simply so everyone can understand (I assume no one has watched them). Just one event- the medieval...
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    Teens promise to fix "climate change" with great idea

    Please explain to me the medieval warming period.
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    Teens promise to fix "climate change" with great idea Another couple of good articles, the second one specifically talks about the Medieval...
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    Teens promise to fix "climate change" with great idea

    Did you even read the article or listen to the Dr.? Somehow I doubt it.. Perhaps read these two articles: NASA admits that climate change occurs because of changes in Earth’s solar orbit, and NOT because of SUVs and fossil fuels Global warming or bad data? Sorry, but I'm probably older than...
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    Teens promise to fix "climate change" with great idea

    Uh, no.. Check this link please: Or better yet, listen to Dr. Ball himself in this interview (just happened today!) at 1:28:00...
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    ROM Hack How to rip a cart?

    Can you rip a physical cartridge with a non-modded 3ds? I have been playing some roms on Citra and thought maybe rip the kids collection of games, but none of their 3DS' are modded in any way
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    DuckTales: Remastered will soon be delisted from digital storefronts

    Is it available for Xbox One? I see it for Xbox 360....
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    Comment by '3DPiper' in 'The Value of Life'

    I am glad your sister did not pass away. as a piper, I perform at funerals regularly (sometimes several times a week). I am constantly reminded: life is finite, make the most of each day, love your family and tell them so (hug them!) As they said in The Fifth Element "Time not important. Only...
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    Spider-Man for PS4 has dethroned Batman: Arkham City as the best-selling superhero game of all time

    The numbers I could find say 9 million sold.. That's very good for a single console, but a long way to go until Halo (60 million) or even new super Mario bros (31 million)
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    Xbox Scarlet vs PS5 vs upcoming Switch model

    We own two Xboxs and two Switchs Will definitely be updating to Scarlett on day 1! I have never seen any reason to get a PlayStation, I really do not see the appeal. Maybe it's cheaper? I have no idea After the E3 video, to me it looks like there are so many more possibilities with the Xbox
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    Hacking R4I-SDSC in New 3SD XL

    I went to the website on the card itself (, downloaded the latest software/firmware, deleted everything on the SD card (except games and saves), copied the new software over, and fired it up. It worked! Very cool.. Let me explore the routes for a full 3DS flash card.. Thank you
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    Hacking R4I-SDSC in New 3SD XL

    My nephew brought his New 3DS XL and said his mom bought him a R4I-SDSC, but he couldn't get it to work. His 3ds firmware is 11.9.0-42U I assume I need to update the R4I firmware, yes? Will probably need a regular DS to do that. The R4I only plays DS and older games, correct? What flashcards...
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