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    Temper Tantrums #33 - Sinking to their level

    Temper Tantrums (the GBAtemp webcomic) - issue #33 "Sinking to their level" By sushiru_river

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    Media Create Japan Top 20 - Week #11 2019

    Here are the Media Create sales figures for Week #11 2019:

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    Heavy Rain, Detroit: Become Human, and Beyond: Two Souls are being ported to PC

    Quantic Dream is a developer known for its narrative-driven story games, such as Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls, and most recently, Detroit: Become Human. These games are also known for being exclusive...

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    Indie game Crypt of the Necrodancer gets spinoff called Cadence of Hyrule, features Zelda characters

    The surprise final reveal from today's Nindies Showcase was for a rather unexpected crossover. Brace Yourself Games, developer of the rhythm game Crypt of the Necrodancer, and Nintendo will be working...

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    March 2019 Nintendo Nindies showcase roundup - Cuphead headed to the Switch this April

    A couple of days ago, Nintendo revealed that they would be hosting a Nindies Showcase that would take place on March 20th. Now, that day has arrived, and it's almost time to settle in and watch what's...

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    'System Shock 3' gets its first trailer at GDC

    GDC has already kicked off and while Google's step into the gaming world might have stole the show for some, it was not the only news announced. During the event, OtherSide Entertainment released the...

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    Konami will be releasing anniversary collections for Castlevania and Contra

    Though Konami may not be releasing influential classics at the same pace as a few decades ago, players will be able to relive some of those experiences once more, through three upcoming compilation...

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    Orbital, an experimental PS4 emulator, now supports video output

    The developer AlexAltea (Alexandro Sanchez) has uploaded a video showcasing some very interesting developments made to his own PS4 emulator called "Orbital". The major feature being showcased,...

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    Castle Crashers Remastered is coming to the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4

    If you haven’t gotten around to playing 2008’s Castle Crashers yet, you might be pleased to learn that Castle Crashers Remastered is headed to the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4, following the...

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    Google GDC 2019 gaming event coverage - Google Stadia unveiled

    Google is hosting a special gaming announcement set to take place at this year's GDC 2019. It's finally time to see what the company has up its sleeves, and what they have planned for the future in...

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    Ambitious modding team attempts to add online co-op to The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

    The Legend of Zelda series, outside of a few spinoffs, is known for having some of the most renown single-player games to grace the industry. So, much like similar mods of other notable single player...

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