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    Absolute Zero Translations is ceasing ALL work permanently.

    Absolute Zero Translations is a relatively high-profile group of dedicated and talented individuals who create and release translation patches for titles in the "Tales of" franchise which have never...

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    Spike Chunsoft to announce four new projects next month at GDC 2018

    The 2018 Game Developers Conference (GDC) is around the corner, and it looks like Spike Chunsoft has something up their sleeve for the conference. Their newly opened localization studio will be...

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    Konami charges $10 for Metal Gear Survive save slot

    Metal Gear Survive is the first Metal Gear game since the series creator's exit from the company. Of course, it was target of criticism from fans ever since it was announced, having basically only the...

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    New Detective Pikachu trailer released

    Earlier today, Nintendo released a new trailer for Detective Pikachu that shows off new features, characters and game-play footage for the upcoming game. Trouble in Ryme City!: Ryme City is a...

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    'Past Cure' Launch Trailer

    Developed by Berlin-based indie Phantom 8, Past Cure is a cinematic, story-driven experience set to launch worldwide for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and on Steam on February 23rd. To get gamers ready for...

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    SoulCalibur VI gets two new trailers

    Bandai Namco's upcoming SoulCalibur VI has received two new trailers today, revealing two new characters for the game. Zasalamel from SoulCalibur III and Ivy from SoulCalibur II will be joining the...

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    Older version of 'Payday 2' to come to the Switch, confirms Starbreeze

    After a gamer received an early copy of the game before its release and streamed it on YouTube, there was an outrage among fans anticipating the game on Reddit as the video apparently showed an older...

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    Super Mario Odyssey 'Balloon World' Update Now Available

    Starting today, players can download a free update for Super Mario Odyssey that adds a new mini-game called Balloon World, a range of new outfits for Mario, and two new filters for use when capturing...

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    NPD Game Sales 2018 #1: January

    The NPD Group is an analytics board that keeps track of game sales for the United States, much like Japan's Media Create. Each month, they release a charted list of the best-selling games, and give...

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    Shining Resonance Refrain releases Summer 2018

    Liberate the soul of the dragon within you this Summer in Shining Resonance Refrain! Coming to PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PC for Steam, Shining Resonance Refrain will tell the tale...

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  1. Past Cure
    When you thought that you’ve seen it all, here comes Past Cure...
  2. The Fall Part 2: Unbound
    The Fall Part 2: Unbound is the second release in a trilogy of games following the story of ARID, an AI located in a combat suit who was originally trying to protect her human occupant. Taking...
  3. Crossing Souls
    ‘80s vibe? Check. Weird happenings in town? Check. A group of teenage protagonists? Check. A group of teenage protagonists riding bicycles? Check. No this is not Stranger Things: The Game but...
  4. The Darkside Detective
    A horror comedy micro adventure game oozing with nostalgic references to TV and literature, that was born from a demo made in 8 hours at a game jam. Does it sound interesting? Let's find out!
  5. Riftcat 2.0
    The definitive way to bring AAA VR quality games to the masses?
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