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    Binding of Isaac prequel game The Legend of Bum-bo gets first gameplay trailer

    Back in March 2016, the creator of the hit indie game The Binding of Isaac showed off a new game he was working on, describing it as a turn-based puzzle RPG. Titled The Legend of Bum-bo, it was set to...

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    Battle Royale 'Darwin Project' Is Now Free-To-Play On Steam

    One of the latest addition to the battle royale hype, Scavengers Studio's Darwin Project, is now free to play on Steam. The game entered in Early Access in early March, costing $15 and became...

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    A favoured style of now uncommon game, consider why it might have gone away.

    Everything has fads but it is a concept especially prominent in computer games. Here you are invited to consider a game style you like but is now uncommon, or at least not reflected in the lineups...

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    Interview with Naomi Wu aka. SexyCyborg

    A new episode in our interview series: today, we'd like to introduce Internet celebrity Naomi Wu, also known as SexyCyborg. Beyond her stunning good looks, Naomi is an incredibly skilled maker and...

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    Studio announces Glover 2, but doesn't have rights to make the game

    Glover was an odd game from the PlayStation and Nintendo 64 era that had you controlling a hand that was trying to guide a ball to a goal, requiring you to change the ball to different weights in...

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    Music making app KORG Gadget to release on the Switch eShop

    If you've ever wanted to make music using your Nintendo Switch, then you won't have to wait much longer, as KORG Gadget will be launching on the Nintendo Switch soon. KORG is a music studio app that...

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    Disgaea 1 Refined coming west as Disgaea 1 Complete

    North America and Europe have been confirmed to be getting the anniversary remake of Disgaea 1, now titled Disgaea 1: Complete. The game will be redone with a new UI and HD assets, combining both the...

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    Lootboxes now considered gambling in the Netherlands, four games must make changes

    The worldwide lootboxes controversy continues, and this time, the claim is coming from the Netherlands. Four games were found to be breaking the country's "Betting and Gaming Act", meaning there's an...

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    ZTE's Gaming Smartphone 'Red Magic' Revealed

    Gaming smartphones are on a roll! Shortly after Razer set the pace with its Razer Phone, several competitors appeared on the market. It was barely a week ago that the Xiaomi-back 'Black Shark' gaming...

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    'Serious Sam 4' Announced

    Things are about to get serious... In a teaser trailer released today, Serious Sam 4: Planet Badass was announced: The title is said to feature the signature Serious Sam gameplay on a "brutally...

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  1. Extinction
    In ‘Extinction’, the constant threat of blood-thirsty other-worldly monsters and giant ogres pushes humanity to the brink of… extinction. As one of the last Sentinel capable of taking on those living nightmares, will you have what it takes to preserve humankind?
  2. Moss
    With virtual reality often being a showcase for what's possible in the medium as developers strive to out-do each other in the race to fulfilling the fantasies of every 90's child - the real...
  3. Infernium
    Infernium is described as a "Souls-like, survival horror take on Pac-Man" by it's developer, Carlos Coronado. Is it truly this seemingly odd combination of genres?
  4. The Alliance Alive
    Here comes a new jRPG brought to you by Cattle Call! With its scenario written by Yoshitaka Murayama, noted for his work on the Suikoden series, and several other notable names, there's no worry...
  5. Kirby Star Allies
    Kirby Star Allies is a platforming game by HAL Laboratories for the Nintendo Switch.
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