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  1. Cemu roadmap reveals open-source plans, Linux port and more

    Team Cemu have revealed a roadmap that details their future plans for the popular Wii U emulator in 2022 and beyond. The proposed targets include a native Linux...
  2. Valve says the Steam Deck is "on track" to ship by the end of February

    Valve's highly anticipated handheld gaming PC, the Steam Deck met with some production delays but appears to be on track to ship by the end of next month. In its...
  3. OpenLara - a stunning GBA port of the 1996 classic Tomb Raider

    In what appears to be an impossible feat, GBAtemp member @XProger has managed to get the the original 1996 PlayStation and PC classic, Tomb Raider running on the Game...
  4. One-Netbook launches ONEXPLAYER mini handheld gaming PC

    Laptop manufacturer One-Netbook has been venturing into the handheld gaming PC market in recent years and it doesn't seem like they are about to stop any time soon...
  5. 'Dying Light 2 Stay Human' gets new gameplay trailer and console comparison footage

    In anticipation of Dying Light 2 Stay Human's release in less than a month, developer Techland released some videos to give a glimpse of the gameplay. Below you can...
  6. Humble to permanently remove all Linux and Mac versions of games from Humble Trove

    As Humble changes how its Choice bundles work, there's going to be a certain adverse effect for customers. Having notably offered Linux and Mac versions of games...
  7. GBAtemp Weekly Group Highlight: Japanese Language Learning

    Hey there, and welcome back to our latest front-page series: the weekly group highlight! Are you enjoying all of GBAtemp v8's nice new features? One of the biggest...
  8. Rune Factory 5 teases its story in new trailer

    The localization of Rune Factory 5 is almost here. Publisher XSEED has decided to tease some of the game's story and gameplay in a new short trailer, where you'll get...
  9. Nintendo shows off 13 minutes of Pokemon Legends: Arceus gameplay

    Pokemon Legends: Arceus is only a little over two weeks away from launch, and with the imminent release of the game, Nintendo has decided to let players know a bit...
  10. PlatinumGames appoints new CEO

    PlatinumGames is changing leadership. A press release from the company behind Bayonetta and Nier revealed that its once CEO, Kenichi Sato, stepped down from his...
  11. Boss of Xbox discusses the idea of implementing cross-platform account bans

    In recent times, Xbox has been a major part of cross-platform play becoming more of a standard. Phil Spencer, the CEO of Xbox, has made it no secret that he wants to...


  1. Hardware

    Creative Live! Cam Sync 1080p V2

    Creative wants to power your gaming and work from home set up with not only audio peripherals but with video streaming ones as well. Its Live! Cam Sync 1080p V2 is the latest one in its growing catalogue, so let’s see if it’s worth adding to your streaming kit!
  2. Hardware

    Creative Outlier Air V3 Earbuds

    Yet another true wireless earbuds is up for review. Does the Outlier Air V3 from Creative do things any differently?
  3. Hardware

    Ekster Laptop Sleeve

    Slim yet expandable. Minimal yet packing a number of hidden pockets. Is the Laptop Sleeve from Ekster the accessory for the minimalist amongst us?
  4. Hardware

    GuliKit KingKong 2 Pro Controller

    Tired of the notorious joystick drift? The KingKong 2 Pro controller from GuliKit presents itself as a remedy for your woes with a patented technology. Is this the controller replacement you’ve...
  5. Hardware

    AYA NEO 2021 Pro (Retro Power)

    Less than a year after launching their first product, AYA NEO not only changed management, but also launched another handheld gaming PC, the AYA NEO 2021 Pro. Packing an upgraded AMD 4800U...

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