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    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - Steve from Minecraft joins the roster

    Who will possibly be revealed? The latest Super Smash Bros. Ultimate character is just about to be announced at 7am PT/3pm BST. The livestream will be a short one, clocking in at only three minutes,...

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    Super Mario Bros. 35 now available on the Nintendo eShop

    If you've ever wanted to know what a Super Mario battle royale game would look like, you don't have to wait any longer. Nintendo has begun to roll out Super Mario Bros. 35 across the Japanese Nintendo...

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    Sponsored MMORC.COM - Cheap Antivirus & Security Software and more!

    MMORC Windows 10 pro key $8.41, Office 2019 Pro $28.90, Office 2016 Pro $22.28 and Office 365 $13.44 from MMORC.COM MMORC.COM is an online game and software store, we are managed digital key, at many...

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    New Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC fighter to be revealed tomorrow

    Nintendo announced on Twitter today that a new character will be revealed for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tomorrow at 7am PT/10am ET. The video presentation will only be three minutes long, and will...

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    Pokemon Sword and Shield Expansion Pass reveal gives us a launch date for The Crown Tundra DLC

    The Pokemon Company has given us new footage for the latest additions slated to be added to Pokemon Sword and Shield's The Crown Tundra DLC pack. In this new area, you'll get to explore a snowy part...

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    Pokemon Sword and Shield Expansion Pass news to be revealed tomorrow

    If you've been waiting for more information about the Pokemon Sword and Shield Expansion Pass, then tomorrow will bring you good news. Be sure to wake up early, as a livestream containing brand new...

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    'Collection of SaGa Final Fantasy Legend' gets new features trailer at TGS

    A brand-new trailer for the upcoming Collection of SaGa Final Fantasy Legend was released during Square Enix Presents event at TGS 2020 Online that highlights the new features that are said to...

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    Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness - TGS Trailer

    There is a new Resident Evil series coming to Netflix in 2021. Subtitled Infinite Darkness; take a look at the debut trailer from TGS 2020:

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    Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity - TGS Trailer

    Check out the new Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity trailer, fresh from Tokyo Game Show 2020:

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    Tempcast Tempcast #6: Microsoft Buys ZeniMax, Pre-order Disasters, Amazon Luna and Metal Gear on PC

    One could describe last week's news with one word - unexpected. In this episode we discuss Microsoft seemingly out of the blue acquiring multiple AAA gaming studios, such as Bethesda and Id, Xbox...

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    Fahrenheit: 15th Anniversary Edition announced

    Meridiem Games and Quantic Dream Announce Fahrenheit: 15th Anniversary Edition on PlayStation 4 - Retail boxed edition available in Europe and Australia in late 2020 Meridiem Games is thrilled to...


  1. Micro Player Retro Arcade: Space Invaders

    Arcades were totally my jam growing up, and they still are! Today I checked out the Space Invaders Micro Player Retro Arcade!
  2. Party Hard 2

    It's 3am and those damned party-goers just won't shut the hell up! What is the obvious thing to do? KILL THEM ALL!
  3. BittBoy RK2020

    The new “generation” of retro handhelds is here and the RK2020 from BittBoy is among them. Based on the RockChip RK3326 processor, it offers the potential to emulate N64, Dreamcast and even PSP...
  4. BrainLink Lite and BrainLink Pro by Macrotellect

    With its BrainLink line of smart headbands, Macrotellect not only brings tech-aided meditation to the masses but also forays into the realm of mind-control tech. Yes mind-control is real and I’ve...
  5. Marvel's Avengers

    “There was an idea. To bring together a group of remarkable people. To see if they could become something more. So that when we needed them, they could fight the battles that we never could.” -...

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  2. RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 Complete Edition CHEAT file
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    Updated: Oct 1, 2020 at 6:50 PM
  3. Super Mario 3D All-Stars (Switch) 100% Save File
    Super Mario 3D All-Stars 100% save file for the Nintendo Switch - by ShadowOne333
    Updated: Sep 27, 2020 at 8:32 PM
  4. Jet Set Knights CHEAT file
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  5. No Straight Roads CHEAT file
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  7. Pokemon Sword & Shield v2 full theme
    Pokemon Sword & Shield v2 full theme - by chronoss
    Updated: Sep 23, 2020
  8. Super Mario 64 PC 100% Save File
    A completed save file for the PC port of Super Mario 64. - by GABO1423
    Updated: Sep 22, 2020
  9. Pokemon Sword-Shield
    Pokemon Sword-Shield v1 - by chronoss
    Updated: Sep 23, 2020
  10. Hotshot Racing CHEAT file
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    Updated: Oct 1, 2020 at 6:50 PM

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