Love Music? Love Music enough that you want to listen to it in the best way you possibly can? Love physical formats of music? Love Vinyl? Love crazy audio setups both old and new? Then why the hell are you still reading this? Get in here!!

This group is to share your love of High Fidelity Audio and the Music you play through them. Most tend to lean on Vinyl as a grand example of choice and with the growing resurgence of popularity with them its also a big part of this group's focus as well. That said any form of physical music format is acceptable here, whether it be CD's, DAT's, Cassettes, 8-Track, Wax Freakin' Cylinders, whatever you like to listen your music on its accepted here. (I am not even against digital music mind you, especially lossess formats but its not as fun to have compared to the physical form, if it even exists that is!)

So go head, post your setups, your Speakers, your turntables, your amps, your receivers, your entire setups! Post your vinyl collections! Your new purchases for your collections and even share music among the group you think sounds great on Hi-Fi!

This group is open for anyone who appreciates and loves all kinds of music and wants to get the best sound out of their music!

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