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Game name Time Scanner
First released on
Sunday 1st of March 1987
Genres Pinball
Game modes Single player, Co-operative
Publisher(s) Activision, SEGA Enterprises Ltd.
Developer(s) SEGA Enterprises Ltd.
Platform(s) C64, Amiga, ACPC, ZXS, MSX, Arcade, Atari-ST
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Time Scanner Summary

An arcade interpretation of pinball featuring the flippers, ramps, targets, bonus multipliers etc. of the classic genre it serves to replicate. Each level has a specific graphical style - in keeping with the 'time travelling' theme of the game's title - with each of the game's four tables split into two sections. When the player enters either the top or bottom section of a table, the screen will scroll vertically up or down respectively to follow the action.

Time Scanner releases

  Region Release date Platform
Flag Japan Sunday 1st of March 1987 Arcade

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