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Game name Space Manbow
First released on
Sunday 21st of January 1990
Genres Shooter
Publisher(s) Konami
Platform(s) MSX, Wii
Views 106 times
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Space Manbow Summary

In the year 189 of the stellar calendar, humanity happened upon the ruins of an ancient (and, if the st. 7 decor is anything to go by, rather decadent and malicious) civilization, and sent an archaeological crew to explore them. However, the crew managed to activate the ruins' defense system. The system operated by identifying the Sol system as the intruders' origin, then launched the Sun-Fish ("Manbou" being Japanese for "Sunfish"), an ultimate weapon bio-mechanical starship capable of destroying an entire solar system and protected by an impregnable force-field bubble. The surviving members of the crew, however, find a chance to stop the Sun-Fish. By using an unearthed Manbou-J (i.e. Junior Sun-Fish) fighter and activating a teleportation system in the deepest part of the ruins, one pilot, Cleaver Mule, can actually get inside the force bubble and destroy the Sun-Fish from there.

Space Manbow releases

  Region Release date Platform
Flag Worldwide Sunday 21st of January 1990 MSX
Flag Japan Tuesday 24th of November 2009 Wii

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