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Game name Side Pocket
First released on
Friday 30th of October 1987
Genres Arcade, Sport
Age ratings ESRB E
Game modes Single player
Publisher(s) Data East, Data East USA, Namco
Developer(s) Data East, Iguana Entertainment, Opera House
Platform(s) NES, Game Gear, Arcade, Game Boy, Genesis, SNES, WonderSwan, 3DS
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Side Pocket Summary

Side Pocket is a pocket billiards video game originally released into arcades by Data East in 1986. The arcade version was eventually ported to six home console platforms and two sequels to the game were produced, as well as a spin-off series called Pocket Gal. G-Mode currently owns the intellectual property rights to the Side Pocket series, and licenses these games globally.

Side Pocket releases

  Region Release date Platform
Flag Japan Friday 30th of October 1987 Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)
Flag Japan Friday 21st of September 1990 Game Boy
Flag Japan Friday 11th of December 1992 Sega Mega Drive/Genesis
Flag North America Saturday 11th of December 1993 Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES)
Flag Japan Thursday 25th of November 1999 WonderSwan
Flag Japan Wednesday 7th of September 2011 Nintendo 3DS
Flag North America Thursday 6th of October 2011 Nintendo 3DS
Flag Europe Thursday 10th of November 2011 Nintendo 3DS

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