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Game name Real Bout Fatal Fury
First released on
Saturday 21st of January 1995
Genres Fighting
Game modes Single player, Multiplayer
Publisher(s) SNK, SNK Corporation
Developer(s) SNK, SNK Corporation
Platform(s) neogeomvs, Arcade, neogeoaes, Neo Geo CD, Wii
Views 299 times
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A translation of the story officially given by SNK is as follows: With the fight for them over, the ruler Geese Howard has the Jin scrolls in his hands. "Hehehe...this means that I have all three scrolls in my possession..." He promptly turns to the man with a bandana. "Billy, dispose of them." "Wha? For what reason, sir?" "None of these scrolls will have any of the secrets I need. It's enough to be considered the strongest for obtaining these legendary scrolls. That's all. As long as I know that I am the first person to have collected these in its 2,000 years of history, I will never have a use for these." "But still, even if you do not dispose them..." "These scrolls have a different meaning with those Jin brothers. I don't want to understand what they're capable of in their hands." "...Even the newly revived Geese has something that he fears then..." "Do not misunderstand me. Even the Geese Howard resurrected from darkness doesn't want to repeat the same mistakes...Like with those foolish Bogards..." Billy Kane was petrified and could not bring himself to speak against the flames of dark hatred that burned within Geese. Geese shuts his eyes deeply and moves to glance outside the window. "Billy, how is the city's current reaction?" "Sir, they are frightened by your apparent defeat," Billy managed to answer. "Is King of Fighters' arrangements all in order?" "Yes, sir. Kim Kapwhan, Duck King, and all of the other recipients seemed to have responded positively." "Hehe...that last tournament didn't profit me at all. It's time to remind them that Geese Howard is this town's only ruler." Its long silence broken, Geese Tower's lights kick alive. When the wolf's fangs thirst for blood, a shiver can be felt throughout the town. After stealing the Jin Scrolls of Immortality, Geese Howard takes control of South Town once again. He hosts a new King of Fighters tournament and invites his arch-nemesis Terry Bogard, to settle their fight once and for all!

Real Bout Fatal Fury Summary

Real Bout changes the play controls from the previous Fatal Fury games, reducing the number of attack buttons from four to three: a standard Punch and Kick button, a "Strong Attack" button which can be either a stronger punch or kick attack, depending on the character. The game retains the three-plane "oversway" system from Fatal Fury 3, which features a main lane for fighting, with foreground and background planes used to avoid attacks or leap towards the opponent. A dedicated button is now used to make an "oversway" (or change plane) towards the background or foreground. Real Bout introduces a Power Gauge, which fills up as the player performs normal or special techniques against their opponent or defend themselves, similar to many super move gauges featured in other fighting games. The Power Gauge allows players to perform one of three types of Special Techniques, depending of the level of the Power Gauge. Real Bout also introduces stages with ring-outs, a gameplay feature previously introduced in 3D fighting games such as Virtua Fighter. If the player performs certain attacks on their opponent while next to the boundaries, the character will eventually destroy the barrier keeping the opponent in the ring and be able to knock them out of the stage for an easy win.

Real Bout Fatal Fury releases

  Region Release date Platform
Flag North America Saturday 21st of January 1995 Neo Geo MVS
Flag Japan Saturday 21st of January 1995 Neo Geo MVS
Flag Worldwide Sunday 21st of January 1996 Arcade
Flag North America Friday 26th of January 1996 Neo Geo AES
Flag Japan Friday 26th of January 1996 Neo Geo AES
Flag North America Friday 23rd of February 1996 Neo Geo CD
Flag Japan Friday 23rd of February 1996 Neo Geo CD
Flag Japan Tuesday 24th of January 2012 Wii
Flag North America Thursday 13th of December 2012 Wii
Flag Europe Thursday 25th of April 2013 Wii

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