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Game name Power Golf
First released on
Wednesday 1st of February 1989
Genres Pinball, Sport
Platform(s) turbografx16, Wii
Views 106 times
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Power Golf Summary

Swing away on 18 lush holes, enter tournaments and compete to win. Keep your head down and concentrate. Release a ton of power coming out of your backswing -- like a coiled spring! Follow through. You'll need a picture-perfect swing, flawless timing and a pro's club selection. Why, you ask? Because this is real. The traps are real, the water is real, the ball is real, and your score is real.

Power Golf releases

  Region Release date Platform
Flag Worldwide Wednesday 1st of February 1989 TurboGrafx-16/PC Engine
Flag Japan Tuesday 9th of October 2007 Wii
Flag North America Monday 5th of November 2007 Wii
Flag Europe Friday 9th of November 2007 Wii

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