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Game name Pac-Land
First released on
Wednesday 1st of August 1984
Genres Arcade, Platform, Puzzle
Age ratings ESRB E (Mild Fantasy Violence) · PEGI Three
Game modes Single player, Multiplayer
Publisher(s) Enix Corporation, Grandslam Entertainments, Quicksilva Ltd., Namco
Developer(s) Namco
Platform(s) C64, Amiga, ACPC, ZXS, MSX, iOS, Arcade, Lynx, Atari-ST, NES, PC-8801, turbografx16, Sharp X68000, WiiU
Views 509 times
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Pac-Land Summary

Pac-Land itself is split into trips. In each of these trips the objective is to get the fairy (that is kept under Pac-man's hat) to Fairyland and also to return home to Pac-Man's house. The majority of the trip involves moving from left to right avoiding various obstacles such as the enemy ghosts, water spurts and quicksand traps. Each trip is divided into a number of rounds, the end of which provides Pac-Man with bonus points depending on how much time he has left and also his position in jumping at the end of each round. If the player runs out of time before finishing the round, Sue, the purple ghost, will speed up rapidly. The penultimate round of a trip ends with Pac-Man entering Fairyland and returning the fairy under his hat to the Fairy Queen. In return the Fairy Queen gives Pac-Man magic boots. For the final round of the trip, Pac-Man has to travel from right to left back home. For assistance he uses the magic boots, which allow him to jump repeatedly while in mid-air. Once Pac-Man completes the trip, he is greeted by Ms. Pac-Man and Baby Pac-Man. In the US release of the game, Pac-Man's cat and dog in the cartoon series, Sour Puss and Chomp-Chomp, are also there to welcome Pac-Man home. Pac-Man then begins his next trip following the same objectives as before, although the difficulty increases. As in the original Pac-Man, there are fruit which appear to eat for bonus points and power pellets to turn the ghosts blue and vulnerable. A hidden item (sometimes accidentally dropped by the ghosts) is a Flagship from Galaxian, which rewards 7650 points when collected (a reference to Namco's goroawase number of 765). The Galaxian Flagship is a long running cameo that appears in the Namco-made Pac-Man games. There are also hidden bonuses in the game, eating ghosts in a certain order will give extra time and pushing an obstacle in the opposite direction can give extra lives, invincibility, and balloons to collect for points and warps.

Pac-Land releases

  Region Release date Platform
Flag Japan Wednesday 1st of August 1984 Arcade
Flag Japan Friday 1st of March 1985 Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)
Flag Japan Tuesday 1st of October 1985 PC-8801
Flag Japan Thursday 1st of June 1989 TurboGrafx-16/PC Engine
Flag Japan Thursday 1st of December 1994 Sharp X68000
Flag Japan Wednesday 11th of June 2014 Wii U
Flag North America Thursday 12th of June 2014 Wii U
Flag Europe Thursday 12th of June 2014 Wii U

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