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Game name Noctropolis
First released on
Wednesday 2nd of September 2015
Genres Adventure, Point-and-click, Puzzle
Age ratings ESRB M (Suggestive Themes, Animated Violence, Realistic Violence)
Game modes Single player
Publisher(s) Electronic Arts, Night Dive Studios
Developer(s) Flashpoint Productions, Night Dive Studios
Platform(s) PC, DOS
Views 122 times
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"In a world where comic books are real - The final issue is Evil! In the City Of Darkness, where the spirit of the times is an insatiable lust for flesh and blood, a hero stands alone. You are Darksheer, and your nemeses will stop at nothing: the vampiric Succubus, Tophat the Magician, the masochistic Master Macabre and their demonic allies have joined forces to indulge in fantasies of carnage worthy only of the end of time. Night Dive Studios presents Noctropolis, a beautifully rendered, adult graphic adventure about the grisly things you dream."

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In a world where comic books are real - The final issue is Evil!

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  Region Release date Platform
Flag North America Wednesday 2nd of September 2015 PC (Microsoft Windows)

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