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Game name Hyper Sports
First released on
Friday 27th of September 1985
Genres Arcade, Sport
Game modes Single player, Multiplayer
Publisher(s) dB-SOFT Inc., Imagine Software, SEGA Enterprises Ltd., Konami
Developer(s) Konami
Platform(s) C64, NES, ACPC, ZXS, MSX, Arcade, bbcmicro, x1, sg1000, PC-8801
Views 382 times
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Hyper Sports Summary

Six tough events await in this joystick-waggling action game. The full sequence of events is - swimming, skeet shooting, gymnastics, archery, triple jumping and weightlifting. You must complete each event in order to be allowed onto the next one. Swimming involves moving left and right as fast as possible, while pressing fire when a breath is required. Skeet shooting and archery both come down to timing - though elevation and wind factors affect the latter. Gymnastics involves timing a succession of presses to ensure that the jump is long and the landing graceful. The triple jump involves one press for each part of the jump, whereas the weightlifting involves merely brute strength.

Hyper Sports releases

  Region Release date Platform
Flag Japan Friday 27th of September 1985 Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)

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