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Game name Hydlide
First released on
Saturday 1st of December 1984
Genres Role-playing (RPG)
Game modes Single player
Publisher(s) FCI, Toshiba-EMI, T&E Soft
Developer(s) T&E Soft
Platform(s) NES, MSX, PC-8801, FM-7, x1, fds
Views 280 times
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Hydlide Summary

An evil demon named Varalys casts a curse upon the princess Ann, turning her into three fairies. You control Sir Jim and set out to find the fairies, and then slay Varalys. Only by vanquishing Varalys can the curse be lifted. Once the princess is restored the kingdom will be saved. The fighting is a little more in-depth than hack and slash. You can either fight with a defensive or offensive stance, or you can use magic spells.

Hydlide releases

  Region Release date Platform
Flag Japan Saturday 1st of December 1984 PC-8801
Flag Japan Friday 1st of March 1985 FM-7
Flag Japan Saturday 1st of June 1985 Sharp X1
Flag Japan Tuesday 18th of March 1986 Family Computer Disk System

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