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Game name Dynasty Warriors: Godseekers
First released on
Wednesday 3rd of August 2016
Genres Role-playing (RPG), Strategy, Turn-based strategy (TBS)
Age ratings ESRB T (Alcohol Reference, Suggestive Themes, Violence)
Game modes Single player
Publisher(s) Koei Tecmo - duplicate, KOEI TECMO AMERICA Corporation
Developer(s) Omega Force
Platform(s) Vita, psn, PS4
Views 64 times
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"The final days of the Later Han Period in China... Political strife has led to unrest and the rise of rebelling peasants, known as the "Yellow Turbans", has brought ceaseless conflict to the land. Among this chaos, in the country of Changshan lives a young warrior known as Zhao Yun, who has a lore-master friend named Lei Bin. One day, Lei Bin hears a rumor about a "buried person" discovered in a "mysterious shrine" by the remnants of the Yellow Turbans, and he convinces Zhao Yun to investigate it. While Zhao Yun is more interested in the danger the rebels could pose, Lei Bin can only think of the "great historical discovery" they might make. However, what they discover inside the cave is a young woman who appears to be frozen inside a column of ice. When the young men are attacked by the Yellow Turbans, the girl awakens, and they find out that her name is Lixia. Together, Lixia, Zhao Yun and Lei Bin embark on a great journey. The tyranny and ruin brought on by the despot Dong Zhuo, the chaos wrought by warlords struggling for power and the Battle of Chibi that tore the continent in three... This is the story of Zhao Yun and his allies as they travel through the maelstrom of the Three Kingdoms-era China, meeting countless great heroes and growing into heroes themselves. And finally, their journey will lead to a legendary battle, which will echo down through the very annals of history..."

Dynasty Warriors: Godseekers Summary

Dynasty Warriors: Godseekers unfolds during the chaotic end days of the Han dynasty, when ancient China was overwhelmed by uprisings and internal strife within its imperial court. The story follows renowned warrior Zhao Yun and his close friend Lei Bin, who unwittingly liberate a young girl, Lixia, from a mystical prison. The two friends and the mysterious Lixia then find themselves entangled in a pivotal struggle for the salvation of the world, wherein they must navigate the maelstrom that is Three Kingdoms era China, meet countless great warriors and take part in historic battles. In their efforts to unravel the mystery behind Lixia's imprisonment, Zhao Yun and Lei Bin uncover a hidden, terrible fate, forcing them to make difficult decisions in a battle that will echo throughout history.

Dynasty Warriors: Godseekers releases

  Region Release date Platform
Flag Japan Wednesday 3rd of August 2016 PlayStation Vita
Flag North America Sunday 29th of January 2017 PlayStation Network
Flag North America Tuesday 31st of January 2017 PlayStation 4
Flag North America Tuesday 31st of January 2017 PlayStation Vita
Flag Europe Wednesday 1st of February 2017 PlayStation 4
Flag Europe Wednesday 1st of February 2017 PlayStation Vita
Flag Europe Wednesday 1st of February 2017 PlayStation Network

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