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Game name Double Dragon
First released on
Saturday 1st of August 1987
Genres Arcade, Fighting, Hack and slash/Beat 'em up, Platform
Age ratings ESRB E10 (Animated Blood, Mild Violence) · PEGI Twelve (Violence)
Game modes Single player, Multiplayer, Co-operative
Publisher(s) Activision, Arcadia Systems, Atlus, Ballistic, Empire Interactive, Melbourne House, SEGA Enterprises Ltd., Telegames, Tradewest Inc, Virgin Mastertronic, Zemina Co., Technos Japan
Developer(s) Technos Japan
Platform(s) Genesis, Atari7800, C64, Amiga, Atari-ST, ACPC, ZXS, MSX, Lynx, DOS, Game Gear, Arcade, Atari2600, NES, SMS, Game Boy, neogeomvs, neogeoaes, Neo Geo CD, GBA, X360
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The player takes control of martial artist Billy Lee, or his twin brother Jimmy (also known as Hammer and Spike in the supplementary materials for the American arcade release), as they fight their way into the turf of the Black Warriors gang in order to rescue their common love interest Marian.

Double Dragon Summary

The player character has a repertoire of martial art techniques which they can perform by using the joystick and three action buttons (kick, jump, and punch) individually or in combination. Techniques range from basic punches and kicks, to more elaborate manoeuvres like hair grabbing moves and elbow strikes. When playing with another player, one can assist the other by grabbing their partner's opponent from behind. Caution should be taken, though, as some enemies are able to do the same thing to the players. The player begins the game with a certain number of extra lives and a life gauge which depletes as the player takes hits. If the life gauge runs out or the time limit reaches zero, the player will lose a life. There is a small variety of enemy characters that the player will face through the course of the game. Certain enemies carry melee weapons, which can be knocked out of their hands and picked up to use against them. Available weapons include baseball bats, whips, throwing knives, and dynamite; in addition, rocks, oil drums, and boxes can be found in certain places. The game is divided into four different stages or "missions," which consist of a city slum, a factory, the woods, and the gang's hideout. The game normally ends if a single player defeats the final boss alone. However, if two players manage to complete the game together, they are then forced to fight each other in order to determine who will win Marian's affections.

Double Dragon releases

  Region Release date Platform
Flag Japan Saturday 1st of August 1987 Arcade
Flag Japan Friday 8th of April 1988 Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)
Flag Japan Saturday 1st of October 1988 Sega Master System
Flag North America Wednesday 1st of August 1990 Game Boy
Flag Japan Tuesday 3rd of January 1995 Neo Geo MVS
Flag North America Tuesday 3rd of January 1995 Neo Geo MVS
Flag Japan Tuesday 31st of January 1995 Neo Geo AES
Flag North America Tuesday 31st of January 1995 Neo Geo AES
Flag Japan Friday 2nd of June 1995 Neo Geo CD
Flag North America Friday 2nd of June 1995 Neo Geo CD
Flag North America Tuesday 18th of November 2003 Game Boy Advance
Flag Worldwide Wednesday 9th of May 2007 Xbox 360

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