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Game name Darkout
First released on
Wednesday 4th of December 2013
Genres Adventure, Indie, Platform
Game modes Single player
Publisher(s) KISS ltd
Developer(s) Allgraf
Platform(s) PC
Views 69 times
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Darkout Summary

Darkout is a sandbox action-game with survival and strategy components. You are the only survivor after your escape pod crashes on a strange planet. The environment is full of mysterious and hostile shadow creatures, and the only way to survive will be to gather resources used to craft and researching new weapons and technologies. The world is sunk in permanent darkness and the shadow creatures surrounding you are only sensitive to the light, and plays a key role in the battle against the dark. You will have to use your strategic skills to build up new facilities which will allow you to progress further and explore the vast landscape. Darkout brings a completely new experience to the player, frenetic, distressing and graphically far superior to what has been seen before in the sandbox genre.

Darkout releases

  Region Release date Platform
Flag Worldwide Wednesday 4th of December 2013 PC (Microsoft Windows)

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