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Game name California Games
First released on
Thursday 1st of June 1989
Genres Sport
Age ratings PEGI Three
Game modes Single player, Multiplayer
Publisher(s) Atari Corporation, Erbe Software S.A., Milton Bradley, SEGA of America, U.S. Gold, Epyx
Developer(s) Epyx
Platform(s) DOS, C64, Amiga, NES, ACPC, ZXS, MSX, Genesis, Atari2600, Lynx, Atari-ST, SMS, Apple][, Apple IIGS, Wii
Views 501 times
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California Games Summary

Introducing the gnarliest bunch of games under the sun. Games invented on the beaches by sun-baked beach bums with a fondness for ripping, grinding, and shredding. With six radically thrilling events intended to bring you to the edge and blow your mind. And make adrenaline California's most plentiful natural resource. Wish they all could be California Games. Get ready to shred the face off an awesomely tubular wave. Turn a "berm" on a BMX bike and spray up a wall of dirt. Launch a few feet off-the-lip with your skateboard tucked high. And while you're up there, dance for the crowd. Or if you're feeling like kicking back a bit, float a flying disk, juggle a foot bag with your heels, or just slalom the boardwalk on skates. When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro. But this ain't beach blanket bingo. In fact, before you even set foot on California turf, you'll choose an on-screen sponsor from among the heaviest names on the circuit. Then, hit the competition route. Prizes include trophies for a single event and a top prize in overall competition. So get air. Go crazy. Welcome to a new state of intensity.

California Games releases

  Region Release date Platform
Flag North America Thursday 1st of June 1989 Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)
Flag Europe Friday 11th of April 2008 Wii
Flag North America Monday 6th of July 2009 Wii

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