Beast Battle Simulator

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Game name Beast Battle Simulator
First released on
Wednesday 23rd of August 2017
Genres Indie, Role-playing (RPG), Simulator, Sport, Strategy
Game modes Single player
Publisher(s) DOG HOGGLER
Developer(s) DOG HOGGLER
Platform(s) PC, iOS
Views 301 times
Rating 2/10 (1 votes) Submit your rating to get +1 XP

Beast Battle Simulator Summary

Beast Battle Simulator is a physics based battle-simulation sandbox game featuring dinosaurs and animals. Kamikaze Zebras VS. T-Rex with laser guns, Lions with machine guns VS. a flock of 50 seagulls; anything is possible! Watch as the beasts dismember and rip each other apart in gory detail!

Beast Battle Simulator releases

  Region Release date Platform
Flag Worldwide Wednesday 23rd of August 2017 PC (Microsoft Windows)
Flag Worldwide Monday 2nd of October 2017 iOS

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