aos10 so, couple days ago i noticed the girls in the class i teach (computer institute) is using this new social media app that called Zepteo
i think it's like twitter but with emoji that has your face and animated 3D poses
your character can be created when you take a photo of your face then adjust it by your liking

all the girls begged me to create an account so they can chat with me, i really didn't need to install another distraction, but i guess it wont hurt if i try it for several days

so enter Rosy

i say it's pretty close to me B-)

and here is a selfie (don't kill me :rofl:)


now let's talk about the main course here, the app
my god it's soo heavy, my htc one m9 is barely able to run it, i know it's new but there is already more then 5 million download
maybe because it uses all those 3D animations, and the writing limits is very small, like less then twitter.

the worst part is, it's filled my micro-transaction, but why you asks? so you can buy clothes and decors your digital room, so it's something like miitomo from nintendo
but you can earn some coins by doing some mini games and tutorials.

this is the main page where you post your stuff

this is the play plaza thingy where you play mini games and do photoshoot with your friends.

this is the personal page where you personalize your self, and of curse to buy coins with real money
so, how much?

pretty cheap, right? /s

i mean, people really spend money on this?

what do you think about his kinds of apps, and make it exclusive to phones, will it keeps grow or people will forgot about it in several months?
do you know about this app, do you have friends that used this app?

I guess this app is targeted towards teens, and especially teen girls
I still find it stupid.

i just made this account so add me if you want, there is another window that i didn't bother to take screenshot for it because my phone froze because of this app
my code is CH0GSF
hmm, codes? does Nintendo has something with this app? :unsure:


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