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    Liking any anthros makes you a furry on the most basic level at least.
    If you like any of these, you are technically BY DEFINITION part furry:

    Looney Toons
    The animal version of Robin Hood
    Mickey Mouse
    Animal Crossing

    They’re all the same!
    I looked up the definition of a furry... why does the internet do such a terrible job of portraying them? Fun fact: You can be a furry and hate fursuits. Hate sex. Hate the w e i r d stuff that the internet made into stereotypes for furries.

    Another fun fact: Furries don’t go and fuck animals. Those are zoophiles. Not only is that illegal, but furries also despise zoophiles.
    Like come on- look how harmless this lil bean is!
    Cherish him while he lasts because after this you’re probably never gonna see him again!

    I have a furry friend
    He’s asexual. To non-furries, that might seem impossible.
    Well fun fact
    That’s the majority of the community. It’s just that the noisy part of the community is the part that likes fursuits and weird things

    How can you see this
    And absolutely hate it, want to see it burn? What reason can you possibly come up with?
    Furries are very chill. It’s just the... excited ones that make the community look bad and make us misunderstood.
    And the furries who bash people for not being furries... I mean they’re just kinda stupid- bleh

    Comparing it to the gay community
    Most furries are like the ordinary gays who quietly have a happy life in a gay relationship.
    Those ‘excited’ furries are like the gays who do not shut the fuck up about their sexuality and treat it like their only personality trait-

    I mean
    I’m clearly a furry
    Imagine if you lived with me. I wouldn’t just throw on a fursuit and try to suck your dick.
    I’d just ask for headpats! Cats and non-furries do that too!
    As well as other furries. Just try to understand us better-
    Not by just looking up the definition of a furry (because it’s stupid on google and whatnot)
    But by just... looking a lil deeper.
    When you see a furry, put the pitchforks away and try to be civil and kind to them!
    If they start getting horny- well then you can go get the torches

    That’s uh
    My rant for today
    Love y’all :3
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