gameboy I get excited for every yoshi game. The upcoming Yoshi for switch has Goren me excited but Of course I still run on 1998 hardware and the processing power is very limited. Here are the games that I've bought(not pirated) or owned: Yoshis Island, cookie, Story, DS, 3ds, Wool wiiu. Yea that's all but the GBA one. The only one i didnt buy was Island, which was a gift, but i knew where i bought all the other ones. I've noticed that the only one I've finished was the first one for SNES.

Its because of the music, there has been a change to the theme of Yoshi that has made it VERY BORING. I decided to research it and a name comes up, Koji Kondo. Koji kondo has only composed music for one of them, the very first one. Its the only one with heart and pizaz. Take a listen to the opening stage to Yoshis Island

Its upstart, fun, and it sounds like the beginning of a great adventure. The yoshi games games made following it have had a very different change in tone, more a walk in the park, relaxed, easy breezy take a nap in the afternoon kind of tone

As stated before the tone of it makes it sound like a boring walk in the park. These songs are well composer's but It makes the game less enjoyable. I've only shared one example from the last one, Wooley World, but each one has had the same tone starting with Yoshis Story which came out in 1998. Yup 1998, twenty years of boring music.

I was hyped for the switch yoshi but I looked at the demo and... You listen to it

Same ole walk in the park boring music. This disappoints me. When it comes to yoshi, the nastalgia from Yoshis Islands music is so grand and wonderful that I expect the same level of excitement, adventure, rhythm etc.. Not this walk in the park kinda weak music. Even in the first game yoshi could turn into a helicopter, train, mole, submarine. The gameplay is still enjoyable but I don't see any appeal to the music for anyone younger than 40yr.

Nintendo needs to do something about Yoshis soundtrack and direction, at this point I'm just bored from all the old man stroll in the park music. Maybe one day I might enjoy the old man music but for the foreseeable future that won't be the case.

I forgot how the music is more dynamic with the inclusion of baby Mario riding Yoshis back which also raises the stakes. Yoshis adventure without a baby just isn't as intriguing or as inspiring
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