My new PC build.

Anyway, you can read that if you want, this blog entry is mainly gonna be about how I've been and everything that's been going on.

So not a lot has changed since my last blog post. I'm still living with my friend and his parents. That's kinda been rough actually. My friend's parents are drunks. They come home from work, and drink all night. They do this every day. It gets really annoying. I try to deal with it, but sometimes it gets to the point where they get mad at me for being in their house. (more on that later).

Also, I want to address some of the things people have said about me and my life. I see no reason why people think that I am pulling these "stories" out of my ass. I'm being honest when I make these blog entries. My grandparents really did kick me out. And I really do live with a friend right now.

Anyway, another thing is, my friend seems to think that I should obey his every command. One time, he wanted to modify his stereo for some reason. I told him it wasn't a good idea, but he insisted that I hand over my soldering iron so that he could use it. When I told him that I wasn't going to let him use it to break his stereo, he just gave me a death stare, then slapped me across my face.

After that little incident, he went and told his parents that I didn't listen to what he told me to do, and they yelled at me because I didn't listen to what he told me to do. His parents told me that I should and will obey what he says to do, as if he were an adult authority over me. And I honestly think that is complete bullshit. Why should I have to obey anything and everything he says to do?

Anyway, he and his parents aren't very nice to me anyway. I try to deal with it, but tbh I just wanna move out, but I have nowhere else to go.

Also, for some reason, his parents think that I should pay them for everything they do for me. Whether it be food, clothing, school supplies, etc. And I think that is also wrong, because they are now my legal guardians and legally they are required to provide food, clothes, and shelter to me. School supplies and other things are a different thing though.

Idk, what are you guys' thoughts and this?
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