• So back in March my Samsung Galaxy Tab A (SM-T350) wasn't booting, and I had already tried charging it and stuff. Then my dumbass thought it would be a good idea to try and re-seat the non-removable battery. Surprisingly, the battery connector came out fine the first time, but then I got cocky, and well... it snapped right off the mobo when I tried to re-insert it. The tablet just shows the "plugged in while off" icon when plugged in, turns the screen off, then repeats. I can get into TWRP and the ODIN Download mode where you can push a fresh Android image to the tablet via a PC. Damn thing is less stable than my laptop was just a few weeks ago. Wait, wtf??? As I was writing this, the "charging while off" icon came up??? I guess the connector made some contact with the mobo... I'd solder it if I had the skills, but I do not. And replacing the mobo itself also would be difficult... :(

    edit 2: it stopped again :/
    fuck it, electric tape time
    edit 3: it didn't work, so me and my dad tried using glue. It worked for a bit but now it just doesnt work again. FUCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKK
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