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    So I'm on reddit and I click on a link called classy and get redirected to this news article. I notice that it's the same city that I live in and proceed to read the article. As soon as I finish I go WTF because the article talks about a Michaels and a Giant. In a shopping center less than a mile from where I live, there is a Michaels and a Giant. Putting two and two together I realize that it's the same Giant that I live near. Luckily I don't shop there, but regardless, wtf. His picture is pretty funny though. A smug look saying "Yeah I did it. And I'm going to do it as soon as I get out of here (quoted from reddit comments)."

    Edit: A friend of mine did some additional research, it wasn't the Giant closest to me luckily. It was still one less than 5 miles away though.


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