worst 5 mins ever

TomRannd By TomRannd, Jan 21, 2021 12 2

  • so i went to go take a shit right, but i didn't have a shirt on(this makes sense later)

    when i sat on the toilet, first thing that bothers me is my robe belt dips in the water. bam, sucks. anyways

    next up, i reach to grab a shirt from the laundry basket. i grab my favorite shirt because it's pink and welp what the fuck man it's got a huge hole in it and it's also shrunk a stupid amount.

    i sigh, and finish up pooping. when i stand up, the washing machine finishes, goes off and its chime scares me and so i plop in the toilet and THE OTHER SIDE OF THE ROBE BELT DIPS IN.

    so at this point i'm furious right. i just sigh again and finish doing what i'm doing, and...

    toilets clogged.
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