newo Going down a rabbit hole of boring programming tasks.
The main issues will be keeping the camera over all the players - since its a single screen game - this requires figuring out where exactly the middle of the players is situated. Then after that I need to figure out how to stop a single player from dragging the other players around with the camera. The after that I will figure out the multiplayer modes that I will allow. e.g. team death match, free-for-all etc. Oh and this will be local multiplayer with 4 wiimotes and 4 gamecube controllers. I am not crazy enough to try anything online. Its simply not worth the trouble and lag.

Over the weekend I have been toying with the idea of adding a separate 8 player multiplayer mode (4 wiimotes, 4 gc). The simplest design would have 2 options;
versus deathmatch. every man for themselves. first player that gets 20 points wins. infinite lives. shooting another player counts as 1/2 a point.
first player to destroy 100 asteroids wins. players only die if they crash into an asteroid. shooting other players only slows them down.

In both modes there will be a small playing field with infinitely spawning asteroids. no powerups. infinite lives. everyone gets the same default weapon and the same physics. Is this fun enough for a simple party game? Or do I need to think of more modes?
nb. everyone will share the same screen but it will zoom out like brawl.

What do you say yall? Should I have both options or just have 1 and keep it simple? or skip the multiplayer thing all together? or make it into a separate homebrew?

screenshot_20191107090854. screenshot_20191108092610. screenshot_20191108103942. screenshot_20191108104445.
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