• I started this painting this morning, around 3:00AM... and now I have some time to keep working on it.
    I uh...

    I've noticed just this morning that my laptop display has a very small brighter dot on the lower right side of the screen, around the middle.
    I can't fucking unsee it, and it's very noticeable in white and bright backgrounds.
    So... I've decided to start painting in my second monitor which is quite old and has a lot of banding... so it's going to be fucking difficult getting my values right when all I see are bands of 8 different shades (and no more)

    I'm proud of the display my laptop has, because it can show up to 16+million colours at the same time and this is very noticeable with color gradients...

    I didn't remembered that I never backed up my GIMP Brushes so I don't have a lot to play with... and I just got bored, I guess... I'll try to finish it next year.

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