Wii U.

LuigiSuperStarSaga By LuigiSuperStarSaga, Jun 27, 2019 0 1

  • Heya. So, i got a Wii U. Yep. That failed console. Traded my 3DS for it. Gonna get a 16GB SD Card, yep it's basic. Sending images later via edit. It has:
    Pro controller x1
    Wiimote x2
    Wii motion plus x1
    Microphone x1
    Nunchuck x1
    Motionplus extension x1
    Games x9
    Normal basic set things
    120GB HD x1
    Y-Cable x1
    Yep, that much for a New 3DS XL. The guy was desperate 'cause his son broke his 3DS. Poor lil' guy.
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