• I made this thread nearly three years ago where in an act of possible insanity, I purchased a Wii U.

    Today I sold my Wii U and the vast majority of my games. I only have six games left and a Pro Controller which I intend to give to my Nephew tomorrow.I've never sold a console and it's entire collection before so this is unprecedented for me but I reached a point where I know I'm just not going it again. At best, my Nephew would be the sole user when he visits but he has a Wii U of his own so I thought, just get rid of it.

    I generally like Nintendo games but at the end of the day, the lack of games for it completely killed it. Whilst I enjoy Mario and the like, I'm not a Nintendo diehard. My first console was made by Sega and I have been gaming on Playstation since 1998.I enjoy JRPGs, action games and the occasional AAA game. So the software was disappointing for me.

    I enjoyed Mario 3D world and MK8. I adored Bayonetta which for me was the standout title for the system. Yoshi's Wooly World was decent enough. But many of the games was rather meh for me. I love the Shin Megami Tensei series but Tokyo Mirage Sessions left me feeling very dull and that's without comparing it to the interaction of Persona or captivation of traditional MegaTen. NSMB was decent at best.

    Of course, there were other frustrations with the system, the Gamepad was ok was certain titles but atrocious for others. I found it appalling for fast paced action games like Bayonetta and Ninja Gaiden. The average at best battery life proved to be a massive inconvenience. This isn't even taking into account the complete inability of any developer, including Nintendo, to make substantial implementation of the gamepad with the exceptions of Zombii and Nintendoland.

    All of this was compounded when I built my first gaming PC recently and realized I have far too many systems. I plan to do most of my gaming on PC now. I will kee my PS4 because for me it has the best exclusives (Yakuza 0, Horizon, Gravity Rush 2, Persona 5 etc). Backed up by my Vita, New 3DS XL and GPD Win and Pi2, I have plenty. Compared to these other devices, the Wii U was just taking up space and was losing my interest more and more over time.

    In the end, the Wii U has been a mistake and I wish I hadn't bought it now in hindsight. I am immensely wary of the Switch as a result and future Nintendo home consoles as a result. It's really no surpise Nintendo home consoles (bar the Wii) have been quite low sellers since the 90s.

    On the bright sidem Bayo 2 was fucking awesome.
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