• Hardly did I play some video games in the last few months. And when I did, it were mostly easy things not requiring thinking (2D Mario, old Zelda games for the 100th time, Tetris). For months my most used Wii Remote (no Motion Plus) made me angry: For no apparent reason that thing often turned off with fully charged batteries.
    Sinchen: “Loose connection?”
    It turned on right away when pressing a button or sometimes after reinserting the batteries. It got worse over time and the remote could only be used with the classic controller (no movement on the remote itself). Some days ago it didn’t turn on anymore no matter what.

    See how far I’ve come? Rather than troubleshooting (or maybe just grabbing another Wii Remote) I grumbled about the loose connection anytime using the Wii. I forgot to take photos, but there wasn’t much to see anyway. A look on the PCB showed nothing interesting at first. A bit of corrosion on the spring (battery contact). And for some reason there wasn’t reliable continuity from the battery contacts to the solder joints (through hole). The solder joints did not look extremely bad or something but not really good either. Some flux, some leaded solder, a reflow and less than three minutes later the Wii Remote turned on again.

    Does anybody have an idea why I didn’t attempt to fix this right away? I mean: The solder joints in question are the main power connectors and have to accept some force each time inserting the batteries. These are big connections. It’s not hard to solder a thing that looks as big as a medicine ball compared to µ-soldering SMD components. Moaning about the failing connection for weeks surely was way less effective than repairing it.

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    LittleSinchen, you get a grade F for this. My life is just a pile of


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